Newsletter: Tightening the purse strings

Published on  by Joann Rutherford

The media mustn’t know where to look at the moment – ScoMo’s broadcasting live from Christmas Island, Gladys is rallying us to ‘get it done, NSW’, Michael Daley’s finding some attention on-air with Alan Jones, and Bill Shorten has latched on to Australia’s per-capita recession.

Ah yes, it’s definitely election time!

Economic growth is obviously in the spotlight – it seems we’re all tightening the purse strings, perhaps because of the declining value of our homes, maybe because our wages aren’t increasing, or it could be because there are two elections this year and until they happen we’d prefer not to splurge.

Whatever the case it’s never a bad thing to check on how things have always been done and see if there might now be a more cost and time efficient way to a better outcome. For example, skipping the expense and inefficiency of traditional recruitment methods and trying a purpose-built marketplace to find your next project manager?

Have a look at this week’s feature talent, feature job, and some ideas to talk about (I like the report by Certifiers recommending more certification…hmmm).



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