Construction Manager

What is a Construction Manager and how do I become one?

The Construction Manager is the go-to person on a building site. They are involved in most decisions from early planning stages, right through to execution and the final result.

A Construction Manager will:

  • hire and supervise workers
  • coordinate contractors and staff schedules
  • estimate project costs
  • ensure staff safety and building compliance
  • be responsible for communicating to stakeholders about the progress of the project

What are my career prospects as a Construction Manager?

The website has good news for anybody interested in pursuing a career as a Construction Manager. The average salary is $179,000 and job growth is high.

Extiro regularly has job vacancies for Construction Managers, all over Australia. All industries have requirements for Construction Managers, whether for residential, commercial, government or any other kind of construction project. 

Roles are available in regional and capital cities, however the bulk of the workload is in metro locations. Working for national construction companies can present opportunities to do short term assignments in regional locations or travel regularly. Recently we had a job opening for a Construction Manager over the summer in a popular beachside holiday spot. Who wouldn’t like a working-holiday near the beach for the summer?

How do I get a job as a Construction Manager?

There is no doubt about it, Construction Manager is an important role in any construction project. Therefore, the skill level required for the role is high.

The higher the qualifications, the better outcomes for salary and job prospects. A bachelor degree in Construction Management or a similar field is recommended. A diploma of building and construction is an alternative pathway, combined with relevant work experience. 

Engineers or construction tradespeople may move into a Construction Manager role, often with additional training such as Project Management qualifications.

As with many construction roles, hands on experience and a trade background will help immensely. Many Extiro candidates have a trade certification such as licensed builder or carpenter, in additional to university or TAFE qualifications. 

To be successful in the role, you will need a talent for managing people and multiple priorities. This is a varied role with many competing requirements. You will need to have a good rapport with your team, leadership and contractors to communicate successfully to produce outcomes.

Overall the career outlook is excellent. Construction Manager is an exciting role where no two days are the same and offers long and successful career opportunities.

For information about roles with our network of leading companies, contact us at or 1300 398 476.

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