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What is a Contracts Administrator?

A Contracts Administrator ensures all contractors are fulfilling their requirements as highlighted in the project contract. This means ensuring tradespeople and contractors are meeting deadlines, milestones and budgets.

A Contracts Administrator must understand the contract and make amendments and variations to work orders and deliverables as they occur. It’s a paperwork heavy job requiring a high level of detail!

What are your options as a Contracts Administrator?

Contracts Administrators are found in a variety of industries wherever there is a project with a contractual agreement. However, generally they are in the property or construction industry overseeing a project through to completion.

They often work for the key project stakeholder such as the property developer or Head Contractor. A Contracts Administrator may work on a single project at a time (if it is large) or several smaller ones. If employed permanently then they are likely to work from project to project for the same employer. They can also work in a project capacity for a fixed term seeing a project through to completion.

Contracts Administrators sometimes work remotely in an office-based location. However, not being on site can make it harder to communicate with contractors which is a big part of the role. It’s often easier to be based on site, particularly if it is your only project.

As with most construction industry jobs, you can find Contracts Administrators roles all over Australia. If you’re in the residential or commercial building industry you’ll usually be metro based, where property building is more likely to occur. If you’re in civil construction such as infrastructure civil projects you could be anywhere where there are roading, rail and utilities projects. This could be in a remote location. 

How do I become a Contracts Administrator?

Generally your best bet is a qualification in Construction or Engineering. In Australia this is gained at TAFE or university.

A quick look at the CVs of Contracts Administrators on our database shows that 40% are engineers, mostly civil engineers. 33% have a university qualification in Construction such as a Bachelor of Construction Management and Property. 12% have a trade qualification such as licensed builders. 15% have a masters degree in a related field such as project management or engineering.

How much does it pay?

The role of Contracts Administrator comes with responsibility. You’ll need to coordinate the management of multiple people and processes and ensure the project meets contracted objectives and other factors.

A Contracts Administrator in Australia can expect to earn roughly $86,000 according to government website Job Outlook. This is well above the national average salary in Australia.

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